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Savio Consulting Group Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Managed Digital Marketing Services. We're a 'do it with you' or 'done for you' consultancy...
... helping other Baby Boomer #onlinepreneurs best understand how to grow, and manage their online business ventures. a.k.a. Digital Marketing "for the rest of us".  How may I help you adapt to a more digital focused business world?

Increasingly, there's no other sensible way to connect directly with audiences, except digitally. Do you sometimes feel ‘Overwhelmed’ when using today's online technology and wish there was somewhere you could learn more about doing certain things? Are your Social Media postings, halfhearted 'post & pray' efforts at social engagement or may appear to others as bullhorn broadcasting into a social media void or seen as too 'salesy'?  Maybe, due to your own lack of time, are you re-posting more of other people's posts & quotes, instead of sincerely engaging with your own followers. 
Maybe it could be time to up your own online game?  Would you like to learn how to make your online business better while working with a Local Digital Strategy Consultant you can actually talk to face to face, in person, at your location every week during our strategy and progress sessions? 
Do you value in-depth knowledge, wisdom and hard won online small business marketing experience?  Could you commit to a fixed monthly marketing budget spend for at least 2-to-3 months to invest in your own business brand domain's accelerated online growth with the clear path towards a financial reward of a 12-to-1 or greater 'Return on Engagement' (ROE).
If your response to those questions are a Yes, please either call me or email me.  After we have had the opportunity to discuss your current online business marketing methods, your desired future business goals, if you feel we may be a mutual fit, it would be great to find a way to work together...
I can provide complete "do it with you" or “done for you” local technical search engine optimization strategies, through context-based search optimization and digital marketing consulting, while helping you begin to hover above your local competition - one visitor, one click, and one online purchase (if applicable) at a time. 
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Free Local SEO Ranking Activity Reports

About 82% of people searching are using Google to find local services or products. Google Search Engines have changed everything online. As we move into the era of the Semantic Web a.k.a. Web 3.0 or "Web of Data." It's no longer about technology, it's all about knowledge (data + context). Request your Las Vegas business domain's complimentary Local SEO Ranking Activity Reports.

Want to capture & convert =~ 185% more local visitors into leads?

1. Who are your ideal customers? Do a bit of Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords advertising to find out who your target market is. 

2. Start with only a 10 Day Google AdWords Campaign @ $199 (includes set-up, management, and analytical reportings to you.) Plus your actual Google Advertising Spend @ min $10 per day.

3. Get $100 in free ad credit when you use a Google Advertising Voucher after you first spend $25. Start today and save $75.

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Overview of Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the strategies and tactics used to attract organic web traffic from natural search engine listings, where websites are ranked based on a combination of factors search engines deem to be the most relevant to the keyword query. SEO involves on page and off page ranking factors.  
On page SEO factors include the search engine friendliness of the site’s technological and informational architecture, as well as the content of the site itself.
Off page SEO factors include all signals external to the site that reinforce the relevancy of the site to the keyword niche, such as external backlinks and social sharing.

Internet Search Engines Locomotive Breath
If you will just recall what happened next in the above early transportation age image. Then you can also relate to what's happening to many small businesses online now
Only Three (3) Local Businesses will get displayed in Google's first search page 3 Pack or "Snack Pack." Because they have constructed the most relevant content and incorporated extensive ongoing SEO work.
Semantic Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most essential marketing functions to help drive qualified visitors to your business website on a regular basis.  
Adapt and evolve. The best thing you can do as a business owner who depends on digital marketing to increase revenues, is to adapt quickly before Google's Search Engine Index Locomotive's passes you by. 
"The Cloud Now. Machine Learning Next." Google 


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